The Homeless Guitarist

Lonely guitar

Here is a prompt for you. This actually happened the other day. My wife and I were at a guitar store doing a little shopping when in walks this completely unassuming and obviously homeless guy. He walked into the acoustic room where my wife and I happened to be. I was playing a little bluegrass when he asks if he could listen. He then picked up a guitar and began playing. He was pretty rusty but after a few minutes had a few chords worked out. Then he opened his mouth and began singing. We were blown away.

Just curious. How bout some flash fiction with this as a prompt? Anyone feel like sharing. You can actually get it started here and supply a link to your blog where you finish it. Might be a good way to generate some traffic.


Happy writing.


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I am southern to the bone and Texan to the bone! I love everything Texas except fire ants and Texas sized roaches! I love to write and play my guitar. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and a preacher of the gospel. I have planted 5 churches over a period of 23 years and love the ministry. I have been married to my best friend for 24 years and have four beautiful children and one strikingly handsome grandson. View all posts by stonestalk2

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